What a Day

th4H71LC9DI am just having one of those days. The type of day where nothing and I mean nothing will go right. A day where it feels like the world and everything in it is against you. Every step and every breath you take is thwarted although you may try and try. Then, regaled with complications and confusion. If you have not experience a day like that, then you are probably reading this thinking I am an exaggerating ninny. You, my friend, will be wrong. After reading the disaster my life turn into today, you will not mock me but dare I say it, may shed a tear out of sympathy and pity. It started out like any day. I woke up to my alarm playing my favorite song on the morning radio talk show. I remember thinking today is going to be a great day!

Boy was I wrong. I hopped in the shower then made my morning smoothie and raced out to catch the six am train. During the train commute, two men kept staring in my direction, whispering to on another. Dismissing them as a couple of weirdos, I grabbed the newspaper besides me and began to read. Twenty-three minutes later, I was at my stop. I never noticed that the two weridos, the two men that was staring had departed the train. As I am walking up the plat form I heard, what sounded like, a woman’s scream. Running towards the sound I never noticed the person to my right with a gun. I found the screaming woman, as soon as I am about to ask if she is ok, she whispers am sorry and scurry away like a ghost in the movie, Molly Finally Believes.

Bewildered by what had just happen I turn to leave and run straight into one of the men from the train. He had a gun pointed at me. I turned to run and guess whom I run into. The other person from the train. Both men started demanding my wallet, briefcase, watch, belt, cell phone and shoes. My heart pounding in my chest I quickly give them the items. After receiving my belongings, they tied my hangs with one of those cable ties, blindfolded me, and shoved me into some type of utility closet, telling me not to come out until I had counted to one hundred. Of course, I was scared but it seems I was more astonished then anything. I have lived in this city for twenty-three years and never once have I been mugged. Part of me could not believe this was happening and was expecting one of my old roommates to pop up from the behind a trash can laughing. When I had finished counting, I walked to a police station.

Where I explained the situation and filled out a police report. The police allowed me to use their phone to call my job and fiancé. While attempted to call my job and explain why I am late, I look up and see that the building where I worked is raided. All you can see is FBI agents carrying out boxes. The new reel reads that all the partners have been indicted on embezzlement, tax fraud and money laundering for one of the largest drug cartel in the world. I see my boss and a few other CEOs are taken out in handcuffs. Not only was I robbed today but according to this I no longer had a job. My next call is to my fiancé. A man answers her phone. A man whose voice I do not recognize. He says to me that Linda, my fiancé, no longer loves me and has moved on, to him presumably. That I no longer need to concern myself with her and she has mailed her engagement ring. I should receive it in three to five days. Incredibly, just like that my entire life changed. In less than eight hours. The up side is that now I am free to start my own business. For as long as I can remember I have flirted with the idea of starting a tree service business. Now, I guess, is the right time.

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