How to prevent your tree from falling

thYMR3JGLGLast night I saw on the news that a tree fell over onto our local library. Just like, it fell over. No one had cut it down, bumped into it or even shove it. The tree is huge too. Now there is a gigantic tree in the middle of the non-fictions and young adult section. How bizarre is that? Additionally it got me to thinking…how? How could a massive tree simply tip over like dominoes? Is there any real scientific reason that would cause such a thing to happen? In addition, could it happen to my tree? How can I prevent something like this from happening to the trees around my house?

After I spent some time online researching, I figured out that it was one of three possible things that could have weekend the structure of that old tree causing it to fall over onto the library.

As it may, when a tree roots have been removed it causing it is based to become weak. If you are like me you might be asking, why in the world would anyone removed a tree’s roots? Moreover, how? The answer to those perfectly posed questions is sometimes a tree’s root may appear above the ground. To some people this is considered a hazard, tripping and all that, so they chop them away. Another scenario is if there is some type of construction going on, for instance repairing a sidewalk, in the midst of the worker breaking up the old sidewalk to install another one, he breaks the roots of tree. This too will cause its base to become weak, eventually ending in the tree falling over.

Another possibility is that there was a lot of weight place on the ground about the roots of the tree. Like when a truck drives on top of the ground loaded down with material, dirt, or just people. Last week the library was having its front façade replaced. For weeks, different type of work vehicle had been park under the tree. These work trucks were filled with cement, heavy marble, and stones to complete the work. When it was not filled to the brim with material the workers was sitting in the truck enjoying the shade of the tree. Can you guess the weight of seven full-grown men?

The last possible answer is the roots had contracted some type of fungus or disease. This weaken the trees immune system. Yes, they have immunes systems just as if we do, which cause the base to become weak. Therefore, it fell over.

On the other hand, it could have been a combination of all three, indeed the first and second possibility happened. Within days of each other.   All that weight and stress may have been more than that old tree could handle.

In order to prevent something like this from happening in your own backyard, try strong, healthy trees. By regular watering, paying attention to its growth or lack thereof, consulting the services of a tree trimming business to encourage growth. In addition, by simply not making the same mistakes the city did when upgrading and improving our library. By taking a few extra steps, they would have saved all of us tax paying citizens thousands of dollars in repairs.

Safety First

thE5RHMFWCSafety is a necessary for any industry. It does not matter if you work in the fast food restaurant, a hairstylist, or a mechanic. So many work related accidents could have been prevented if people practiced safe procedures. Last night on channel seventeen news a tree climber had an accident a fatal one on the job. The tree climber had an axe lodge into his neck. Yes, you have read correctly an axe lodge into his neck. Simply because one of his coworker was not paying attention to what he was doing, instead he was busy talking to someone instead of focusing on the job on hand. Now this poor man’s family must bury him.

Whenever you are considering using someone to complete a service for you, of course consider his or her reputation and the quality of his or her work. No one wants to spend their hard earn money and be disappointed.   Another area to research and confirm their aptitude is on the job safety. Three are a variety of agency that will conduct and train for safety in the workplace. One of the most known is Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). OSHA will not only send a trainer to a company or business but they also have training material and videos. By watching and participating in the training materials and video, one can become OSHA certified for their industry.

Last month when my home insurance requested that I hire someone to remove a tree from my yard I did my due diligence and hired one that had a reputation for being fair, high quality, and well trained in workplace safety. That news report made me scared straight. Before seeing it I would have simply hire whoever gave the cheapest estimate. Now I realize that yes, expense is important and I still prefer those businesses that will give me the best deal. Nevertheless, so is safety. After what seems hours on the phone and scouring the internet for reviews and recommendation I chose to employ Wichita Falls Tree Service.

Wichita Falls Tree Service comes highly recommended across the board. There were my home insurance number one choice as well as everyone else’s. They are reliable, goes beyond the call of duty with each service call, reasonable, and safe. Everyone had almost the exact same appraisal of him or her. It is impossible for everyone to be telling the same lie, right. If you want to go with a company, whose reputation precedes it? A business where customer satisfaction is their number one priority. Then click here for an experience you will not regret.

I have to say the whole tree removal experience was all around pleasant. They came in, did their job, clean up and left. I did not have to worry about a thing. No one was hurt, my tree is gone, and my insurance is happy. I would recommend them to anyone in need of a great, honest and reliable tree service. I do believe they just acquired a customer for life.   Boy, I am so happy no one had an axe plunged into his or her neck, or any other tool.

Tips to organization

thU2SOUI74I am a very busy man running a very busy business.  In order for me to stay afloat and feel like I’m drowning under the pressure I have to stay organize.  For years I was just lazily going through life, not keeping deadlines, if I did my work was sloppy, unable to find important items such as receipts, money and keys.  Bouncing checks left and. Right because I never kept track of what was going out and what was coming in.  This all ceased to be a problem once I married my wife and she became more involved with my business.  That woman is an organizing machine.  She sure help whip me into shape.  My business is running a lot smoother and making even more money than ever.  In fact Hannah, that’s my wife, quit her job and is now working with me.  She armed me with three basics concepts to keep everything running smooth as eggs.

  1. SET REMINDERS.  Just is fairly easy concept but it took me forever to get with for what ever reason.  But set reminders.  I normally use my smart phone to set them.  I have reminders for everything.  When to pay a bill, when to pick up a check, to clean, to pay my employees, when to leave work and come home.  I literally have a reminder fro all aspects of my business.  I also write stuff down but that’s for my next tip.  Sometimes I utilize my wife since she works with me now and ask her to remind of something that is important.  Either by calling me or whatever.
  2. WRITE DOWN EVERYTHING.  I really do mean everything.  In my office is a dry erase board and a cork board with little thumbtacks.  As well as a large calendar, that has enough space to jot down notes and I can see what’s  coming up the next week or months even.  Each week it gets updated by myself or my wife.  A to-do list is created for each day that week.  Any changes that needs to be made in the futures is altered and added.  Everyday day I go over my calendar and boards to see what needs to be accomplish for that day, then I just go through the list of what must be done today.  After those items are completed I move on to the next days business.  So on and so forth.
  3. KEEP YOUR OFFICE SPACE CLEAN.  Always try and keep your office space, desk, tables, whatever clean of debris.  Make sure you have a place for everything.  This can be accomplished by the use of bins or baskets.  Making sure to clearly label everything  and what  suppose to be in it.  Not only will you be able to find something you it want take you all day to do so.  This last step here, has saved me countless wasted hours locating stuff and documents I need.  There is a reason why there is the saying a place for everything and everything in its place.

Well, I hope these few little tips will help keep your life as organized and stress free as it has kept mine.  I find that now I have more time to do other things and my business is making more money than it did before.  All thanks to my lovely Hannah.  This is something she is always telling me, “tidy room, tidy mind”Honestly, I find this really annoying but she is right, so…

Sitting on the front porch

thSOF5YI6DThe other day I was sitting on the front porch enjoying a nice cup of sweet mint tea and reading the newspaper. It was a beautiful September day. One of those that appears caught in between fall and summer. There is a slight crisp in the air when the breeze rustles through. Although its not cold or chilly even, like summer just trying to hang on for a few more moments before it has to let go and fade away to allow fall to move in and start redecorating. With her many bright and warm color palates’ of reds, golds, mauve, and browns. This has to be my favorite time of the year. It is not so cold where you need a jacket and it’s not so hot that you can’t blink without working up a sweat.   In the words of Goldilocks, it’s just right!

As I sat there on my front porch enjoying my tea my peaceful solitude I was interrupted by the sound of people talking and what sound like some type of power cutting tool. I look up past my newspaper I notice that my neighbor were having the tree in the front yard removed, trimmed, or something. Parked on the curb in front of their house I could see their work truck with Wichita Tree Removals decal on the driver side door with their website address as well, I know they have been concern about it. We had an end of the summer storm two days ago. It wasn’t that bad but the winds did get a bit strong causing some limbs to fall onto their house and their daughter’s car that was parked in the drive way.

My neighbor just came out to talk to the guys working about what they are to do. I overhear him asking them what the estimated cost, to have it removed is and if they can get started today. I guess he was satisfied with what they quoted him because they started work immediately.   Spotting me sitting on my porch and essentially eavesdropping on them, my tactful neighbor simply smiled and waved. Embarrassed at being caught so engrossed in their conversation I waved back to him. Then I dutifully put my paper back up and pretended to read. I continued to sit there for ten more minutes, finished my tea off, and then made my way back into my house.

Occasionally I would look out the windows in our living room. From there I can watch those men hard are removing that large tree. It was amazing to see. How efficiently and quickly those men worked ot have the tree not only removed, cleaned up and turned into mulch. Using what, according to google, is a wood chipper. I have to say I was thoroughly impressed.

Looking at our backyard through the kitchen’s window has me thinking. I have a few trees that could use some type of servicing. I know that at least one of them needs to be removed. I have been meaning to contact a tree service and have them come out here and give me an estimate. Hmm. I think that before they leave my neighbor’s house, I will go over there and ask if they have a few minutes. I hope that they will be able to come over and give me a quick estimate. It would be nice to take care of these trees this year before the weather breaks.

As they were packing up the leave, I rushed over there and asked if they had a few minutes to spare.   Luckily their next appoint was not for a few more hours, so they were able to come over and give me an estimate. I see why my neighbor hired them. The quote they gave was a lot less than what I was expecting.   We agreed that they would come back in three days to complete the work. After handing me, a business they left, promising to see me in a few days.