Sitting on the front porch

thSOF5YI6DThe other day I was sitting on the front porch enjoying a nice cup of sweet mint tea and reading the newspaper. It was a beautiful September day. One of those that appears caught in between fall and summer. There is a slight crisp in the air when the breeze rustles through. Although its not cold or chilly even, like summer just trying to hang on for a few more moments before it has to let go and fade away to allow fall to move in and start redecorating. With her many bright and warm color palates’ of reds, golds, mauve, and browns. This has to be my favorite time of the year. It is not so cold where you need a jacket and it’s not so hot that you can’t blink without working up a sweat.   In the words of Goldilocks, it’s just right!

As I sat there on my front porch enjoying my tea my peaceful solitude I was interrupted by the sound of people talking and what sound like some type of power cutting tool. I look up past my newspaper I notice that my neighbor were having the tree in the front yard removed, trimmed, or something. Parked on the curb in front of their house I could see their work truck with Wichita Tree Removals decal on the driver side door with their website address as well, I know they have been concern about it. We had an end of the summer storm two days ago. It wasn’t that bad but the winds did get a bit strong causing some limbs to fall onto their house and their daughter’s car that was parked in the drive way.

My neighbor just came out to talk to the guys working about what they are to do. I overhear him asking them what the estimated cost, to have it removed is and if they can get started today. I guess he was satisfied with what they quoted him because they started work immediately.   Spotting me sitting on my porch and essentially eavesdropping on them, my tactful neighbor simply smiled and waved. Embarrassed at being caught so engrossed in their conversation I waved back to him. Then I dutifully put my paper back up and pretended to read. I continued to sit there for ten more minutes, finished my tea off, and then made my way back into my house.

Occasionally I would look out the windows in our living room. From there I can watch those men hard are removing that large tree. It was amazing to see. How efficiently and quickly those men worked ot have the tree not only removed, cleaned up and turned into mulch. Using what, according to google, is a wood chipper. I have to say I was thoroughly impressed.

Looking at our backyard through the kitchen’s window has me thinking. I have a few trees that could use some type of servicing. I know that at least one of them needs to be removed. I have been meaning to contact a tree service and have them come out here and give me an estimate. Hmm. I think that before they leave my neighbor’s house, I will go over there and ask if they have a few minutes. I hope that they will be able to come over and give me a quick estimate. It would be nice to take care of these trees this year before the weather breaks.

As they were packing up the leave, I rushed over there and asked if they had a few minutes to spare.   Luckily their next appoint was not for a few more hours, so they were able to come over and give me an estimate. I see why my neighbor hired them. The quote they gave was a lot less than what I was expecting.   We agreed that they would come back in three days to complete the work. After handing me, a business they left, promising to see me in a few days.

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