Tips to organization

thU2SOUI74I am a very busy man running a very busy business.  In order for me to stay afloat and feel like I’m drowning under the pressure I have to stay organize.  For years I was just lazily going through life, not keeping deadlines, if I did my work was sloppy, unable to find important items such as receipts, money and keys.  Bouncing checks left and. Right because I never kept track of what was going out and what was coming in.  This all ceased to be a problem once I married my wife and she became more involved with my business.  That woman is an organizing machine.  She sure help whip me into shape.  My business is running a lot smoother and making even more money than ever.  In fact Hannah, that’s my wife, quit her job and is now working with me.  She armed me with three basics concepts to keep everything running smooth as eggs.

  1. SET REMINDERS.  Just is fairly easy concept but it took me forever to get with for what ever reason.  But set reminders.  I normally use my smart phone to set them.  I have reminders for everything.  When to pay a bill, when to pick up a check, to clean, to pay my employees, when to leave work and come home.  I literally have a reminder fro all aspects of my business.  I also write stuff down but that’s for my next tip.  Sometimes I utilize my wife since she works with me now and ask her to remind of something that is important.  Either by calling me or whatever.
  2. WRITE DOWN EVERYTHING.  I really do mean everything.  In my office is a dry erase board and a cork board with little thumbtacks.  As well as a large calendar, that has enough space to jot down notes and I can see what’s  coming up the next week or months even.  Each week it gets updated by myself or my wife.  A to-do list is created for each day that week.  Any changes that needs to be made in the futures is altered and added.  Everyday day I go over my calendar and boards to see what needs to be accomplish for that day, then I just go through the list of what must be done today.  After those items are completed I move on to the next days business.  So on and so forth.
  3. KEEP YOUR OFFICE SPACE CLEAN.  Always try and keep your office space, desk, tables, whatever clean of debris.  Make sure you have a place for everything.  This can be accomplished by the use of bins or baskets.  Making sure to clearly label everything  and what  suppose to be in it.  Not only will you be able to find something you it want take you all day to do so.  This last step here, has saved me countless wasted hours locating stuff and documents I need.  There is a reason why there is the saying a place for everything and everything in its place.

Well, I hope these few little tips will help keep your life as organized and stress free as it has kept mine.  I find that now I have more time to do other things and my business is making more money than it did before.  All thanks to my lovely Hannah.  This is something she is always telling me, “tidy room, tidy mind”Honestly, I find this really annoying but she is right, so…

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