Safety First

thE5RHMFWCSafety is a necessary for any industry. It does not matter if you work in the fast food restaurant, a hairstylist, or a mechanic. So many work related accidents could have been prevented if people practiced safe procedures. Last night on channel seventeen news a tree climber had an accident a fatal one on the job. The tree climber had an axe lodge into his neck. Yes, you have read correctly an axe lodge into his neck. Simply because one of his coworker was not paying attention to what he was doing, instead he was busy talking to someone instead of focusing on the job on hand. Now this poor man’s family must bury him.

Whenever you are considering using someone to complete a service for you, of course consider his or her reputation and the quality of his or her work. No one wants to spend their hard earn money and be disappointed.   Another area to research and confirm their aptitude is on the job safety. Three are a variety of agency that will conduct and train for safety in the workplace. One of the most known is Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). OSHA will not only send a trainer to a company or business but they also have training material and videos. By watching and participating in the training materials and video, one can become OSHA certified for their industry.

Last month when my home insurance requested that I hire someone to remove a tree from my yard I did my due diligence and hired one that had a reputation for being fair, high quality, and well trained in workplace safety. That news report made me scared straight. Before seeing it I would have simply hire whoever gave the cheapest estimate. Now I realize that yes, expense is important and I still prefer those businesses that will give me the best deal. Nevertheless, so is safety. After what seems hours on the phone and scouring the internet for reviews and recommendation I chose to employ Wichita Falls Tree Service.

Wichita Falls Tree Service comes highly recommended across the board. There were my home insurance number one choice as well as everyone else’s. They are reliable, goes beyond the call of duty with each service call, reasonable, and safe. Everyone had almost the exact same appraisal of him or her. It is impossible for everyone to be telling the same lie, right. If you want to go with a company, whose reputation precedes it? A business where customer satisfaction is their number one priority. Then click here for an experience you will not regret.

I have to say the whole tree removal experience was all around pleasant. They came in, did their job, clean up and left. I did not have to worry about a thing. No one was hurt, my tree is gone, and my insurance is happy. I would recommend them to anyone in need of a great, honest and reliable tree service. I do believe they just acquired a customer for life.   Boy, I am so happy no one had an axe plunged into his or her neck, or any other tool.

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