Zayd Rheem

My father is a promeint business man in our community.  He has always encourage and aided my sister and I in whatever business venture we fancy.  I remember at the age of five having a pet grooming business.  At five I really couldn’t do much, just spray a dog with some water in our backyard.  I belive the only reason I was able to make any money is because I was a cute little kid.  In hindsight it was more a of a mess than anything.  My dad was always there encouraging and suggesting ideas to improve.

Now at the age of  twenty seven can honestly say that I have been in business for fifteen years.  Many people would ask how can that be.  A person so young have such longevity.  Its easy if you  start you business when you are still a kid; a twelve year old kid in fact.

Like most kids I was broke.  My father being the type of man that he is never gave us an allowance.  He said if we wanted money we had to earn it.  So I started out Mowing people yards and weeding gardens and flower beds.  I eventually learned how to prune and trim different plants and trees from my grandpa.  By the time I was fourteen I had assembled my first crew of employees equip with a work truck, trailer, and lawn care and tree trimming tools and equipment.  I had to hire someone with a drivers license because I couldn’t drive my own truck!   I stuck with it.   Through my dad’s tutelage  my small lawn and tree service  business has grown and flourished.  I nowhave three locations and am considering a fourth location and rather or not I should start a franchise.

When I am not develop new business and operating my current branches, I enjoy a bunch of different activities.   Bungee jumping, parasailing, traveling around the world, and tending to my own garden.  I live with my lovely wife, Hannah, who I have been married to for two wonderful years, and our Bengal cat Super on our sixty five acre ranch.  Learn more!